Advanced architecture designs towards high-performance 3D microbatteries


Rechargeable microbatteries are important power supplies for microelectronic devices. Two essential targets for rechargeable microbatteries are high output energy and minimal footprint areas. In addition to the development of new high-performance electrode materials, the device configurations of microbatteries also play an important role in enhancing the output energy and miniaturizing the footprint area. To make a clear vision on the design principle of rechargeable microbatteries, we firstly summarize the typical configurations of microbatteries. The advantages of different configurations are thoroughly discussed from the aspects of fabrication technologies and material engineering. Towards the high energy output at a minimal footprint area, a revolutionary design for microbatteries is of great importance. In this perspective, we review the progress of fabricating microbatteries based on the rolled-up nanotechnology, a derivative origami technology. Finally, we discussed the challenges and perspectives in the device design and materials optimization

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