The Quality of Bali Bull Sexed Sperm Using Soybean Extract Extender


The process of sexing spermatozoa requires a medium that is able to protect and provide an optimal environment. One of them is extender media that is used to extend the volume of semen. The extender that is commonly used is commercially but some limitation such as price and availability. Therefore, it is necessary to have an alternative extender such as soybean. The aim of this study was to know the quality of sexed sperms diluted using soybean extender. Semen of Bali bull was collected for five times and then subjected to three different extender treatments after sexing; T1 (Soybean), T2 (Tris), T3 (Tris-soybean), and T0 (Fresh semen-tris) was used as control before sexing. The parameters observed were the quality of fresh semen and after sexing. The results of the study showed that the characteristic of Bali bull fresh semen macroscopically in this study was 4.75 mL in volume, cream color, distinctive odor, pH 6.6, moderate consistency, and microscopically motility, viability, abnormality, and concentration were 94.22%, 96.06% 4.89, and 1596×106, respectively. Motility and viability after sexing were significantly (P<0.05) decrease in comparison to the fresh semen (T0) at each treatment both top and bottom layers. In conclusion, the smallest decreased of the sperms motility and viability were still greater than 50%. Different extenders as one of the treatments in the present study did not showing different motility and viability of the sperms. This suggests that the use of tris and soybean or their combination can be used as semen extender for Bali bull sexed semen. Keywords: Soy extender, Bali bull, sexing, motility, viability

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