Throughput maximization for RIS-UAV relaying communications


In this paper, we consider a reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) assisted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) relaying communication system, where the RIS is mounted on the UAV and can move at a high speed. Compared with the conventional static RIS, better performance and more flexibility can be achieved with the assistance of the mobile UAV. We maximize the average downlink throughput by jointly optimizing the UAV trajectory, RIS passive beamforming and source power allocation for each time slot. The formulated non-convex optimization problem is decomposed into three subproblems: passive beamforming optimization, trajectory optimization and power allocation optimization. An alternating iterative optimization algorithm of the three subproblems is proposed to achieve the suboptimal solutions. The numerical results indicate that the RIS-UAV relaying communication system with trajectory optimization can get higher throughput

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