Intelligent Waste Separator


Nowadays, trash has become a problem in the society and the ecosystem due to the way people get rid of it. Most of garbage is buried or burnt or even kept in places to which it does not belong. Big volumes of garbage thrown away and the methods used to store it cause air, water, and soil pollution. Fortunately, people can count on other methods to reduce the quantity of produced litter. An answer is recycling by re-using the materials. Currently, the traditional way to separate waste is to use different containers for each kind of waste separating trash manually, which does not always work. The aim of this paper is to present an Intelligent Waste Separator (IWS) which can replace the traditional way of dealing with waste; the proposed device receives the incoming waste and places it automatically in different containers by using a multimedia embedded processor, image processing, and machine learning in order to select and separate waste.ITESO, A.C

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