Coastal dunes vulnerability. GAVAM checklist method used at three Mediterranean microtidal wave dominated beaches (Gulf of Cagliari)


The study shows the results achieved by using Geomorphology, Aeolian, Vegetation, Anthropogenic, Marine influences, (GAVAM) checklist, in three coastal dune zones of beaches located in southern Sardinia. The aim is the experimentation of reproducibility of GAVAM checklist in three Mediterranean microtidal wave dominated beaches. The studied dune zones are located at three Site of Community Importance (SCI) sites: ITB 042230 “Porto Campana”, ITB 042218 “Stagno di Piscinnì” e ITB 040020 “Isola dei Cavoli, Serpentara, Punta Molentis” (southern Sardinia). By the application of GAVAM checklist the Partial Index Vulnerability (IVp) and the Dune Vulnerability Index (DVI) or total (IV) values are sequentially derived. IV index either partial or total ranges between 0 and 1, and as the index increases, the ability of the dune system to withstand further interventions decreases. The methodology has allowed an objective deduction to both potential vulnerability and the main source of imposed changes, as well major threats/stress factors have been assessed. DVI values range between 0.47 e 0.59 and indicate medium to high vulnerability. Moreover, the use of aerial photographs also highlighted the need for the implementation of the checklist using additional parameters related to fluvial-lacustrine processes and of particular anthropogenic activities

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