Orson Schofield Phelps Collection, 1878-1973


Orson Schofield Phelps (1816-1905), or “Old Mountain Phelps” as he became known was one of the most notable of all Adirondack guides. He became the first white man to ascend Mount Marcy in August, 1849, bushed out the “Round Trip” trail in 1874 and brought over 500 tourists to its peak. Among the prominent figures that hired Phelps were Verplanck Colvin and Seneca Ray Stoddard. The collection includes genealogy of the Phelps family as well as photographs and family documents. The majority of the papers are Phelps’ essays on nature and philosophy. They also include weather data from the High Peaks, a collection of poems on nature and publications referring to Phelps. The items were collected by descendant Shirley Putzig.https://digitalworks.union.edu/arl_findingaids/1019/thumbnail.jp

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