A formative evaluation of implementation of career developement interventions in Taiwanese comprehensive high schools


Graduation date: 2004Taiwan has undergone significant social change, particularly in the last forty\ud years, due to economic and industrial growth. Career development intervention is\ud increasingly urgent in helping students face upcoming challenges.\ud This study investigates the implementation and perceived helpfulness of career\ud development interventions in Taiwanese comprehensive high schools. A total of 153\ud questionnaires were mailed, and a total of 119 guidance directors responded to the\ud questionnaire, resulting in a response rate of 78 percent.\ud Results indicated that Advising career interventions were the most\ud school-implemented interventions and were perceived as the most helpful\ud interventions by guidance directors, followed by Awareness, Curriculum, and Field\ud career interventions. Limitations of the study and implications for guidance programs\ud and for future research in the area are given

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