Regional association plots showing conditional and joint analyses results.


(A) The regional association plot of chromosome 11. (B) The regional association plot of chromosome 12. (C) The regional association plot of chromosome 13. The middle part of each figure represents all genes located in the region. The green bars indicate jointly significant genes that are responsible for most GWAS signals in the region, the yellow bars represent TWAS genes that are no longer significant after accounting for conditionally independent genes, and the gray bars indicate genes that were neither jointly significant nor marginally significant in that region. The colored dots next to the jointly or marginally significant genes indicate tissue panels where the genes were detected, as summarized in Table 1. The lowest part of each panel is a Manhattan plot of the GWAS signals. Black dots represent the GWAS P-values of SNPs before conditioning tests, and blue dots represent the GWAS P-value of SNPs after removing the effects of jointly significant genes.</p

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