Methods of the development strategy of service companies: Logistical approach


The urgency of the analyzed issue is due to lack of attention of heads of service companies to the theory and methodology of strategic management, methods and models of management decision-making in times of economic instability. The purpose of the article is to develop theoretical positions and methodical recommendations on the formation of the logistical approach to the development strategy of service companies. The leading approach to the study of this issue is the logistical approach, which allows identifying the most significant factors, carrying out the quantitative assessment of their interaction with each other and determining the extent of their influence on the parameters of the system under research. This research presents a methodology for the selection of optimal functional business strategies of service companies from the alternative, based on the use of economic and mathematical modeling techniques. The authors assess the parameters of the micro, macro and internal environment of the company, represent the company’s business profile, a general development strategy of based on the determination of optimal logistics, marketing, production, financial and human resource management strategies for individual strategic business areas. The contents of the article may be useful for managers of service companies, auto-transport enterprises in making rational decisions on the formation of the optimal business development strategy in uncertain environmental conditions. © 2016 Toymentseva et al

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