Effects of Using Digital Tools on the Process of Memorization


Recent studies show that the effect of digital tools have a direct impact on atten-tion, motivation, autonomy and academic success. In Morocco, considering the extent to which students use digital tools, precisely scientific students, and be-cause of the essence of memory to all learning, this article is part of the overall framework of a study that attempts to find the link between the use of digital tools and the process of memorization. The factors that can influence the memorization process are multiple and diverse: biological, psychological, and sociological. These factors are unquantifiable in most cases, where it is difficult to determine with certainty their degree of impact, or to experimentally show the nature of their influence on the memory process that constitutes the most important function of the brain being the most complex organ of the human being. Therefore, in this ar-ticle, we will only stick to the duration of use of digital tools as an evaluable pa-rameter, and we will try to determine the link between this duration and the mem-orization process in order to determine the conditions for healthy and efficient us-ag

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