The Mediating Effect of Creative Personality in the Relationship between Childcare Teacher’s Efficacy and Creative Teaching Behaviour


The purpose of this study is to identify the mediating effect of creative personality in the relationship between childcare teachers’ efficacy and creative teaching behavior. The participants of the study were 300 childcare teachers and selected the data between October 14 to 22, 2020. The study results were as follows. First, it evidenced positive correlations among efficacy, creative teaching behavior, and creative personality. Therefore, when childcare teachers show higher efficacy and creative personality levels, creative teaching behavior levels are likely to be higher. Second, childcare teachers’ efficacy directly affected creative teaching behaviors and creative personality, which also directly affected creative teaching behavior. Third, creative personality partially mediated between efficacy and creative teaching behaviors. As the childcare field continues to emphasize creative teaching behaviors, it must create an environment where childcare teachers can improve their efficacy and develop their creative personalities. Furthermore, educational programs should encourage teachers to enhance their efficacy and express their creative personalities

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