Seasonal variations of indoor aerosols (PM2.5) in urban households of Jammu (J&K), India


Indoor pollution is more harmful as people spend more than 90% of their time indoors getting enhanced chances of penetrating aerosols (PM2.5) deeply into the lungs. In the present investigation, an attempt has been made to study seasonal variations of indoor aerosols (PM2.5) in urban households of Jammu(J&K). in the northern region of India. The status of indoor aerosols (PM2.5) and their seasonal variations due to temperature and humidity conditions have been studied for the first time in urban households of Jammu (J&K). The two year study period (2017-2019.) revealed that all types of households of urban areas with non-wood fuel  as well as wood fuel burning practices exhibited significantly (p<0.05) higher values of indoor PM 2.5 during summer season (74.36 µg/m3  and 156.46 µg/m3 ) followed by winter season (62.77 µg/m3   and 143.5µg/m3 ) and lower values during the rainy season (58.47 µg/m3 and 132.52 µg/m3 ). All these values were observed to be above the CPCB prescribed annual limit of 40 µg/m3, thereby exposing the residents to diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.  The data generated in the present study will act as baseline data for future studies pertaining to indoor aerosols (PM2.5) as well as suggesting mitigation measures

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