Maxwellian Neutron Spectrum generation and Stellar Cross-Section measurements: measurement of the 197Au(n,γ) MACS


Maxwellian-averaged cross-sections (MACS) are needed as an input for the models of stellar s- and r-processes nucleosynthesis. MACS can be obtained from activation measurements, irradiating a sample with the neutron field generated by the 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction at 1912 keV proton energy. At this energy, the neutron energy spectrum is close (R2≤0.9) to a Maxwellian one of kT=25 keV. However, it was shown that shaping the energy of the incident proton beam is possible to generate a neutron field with an energy spectrum much closer to a real Maxwellian (R2>0.995), therefore avoiding or minimizing corrections in the MACS calculation. We show a preliminary result of an experiment performed at JRC-IRMM (Geel) to confirm our method. We have measured the MACS30 (kT=30 keV) of the 197Au(n,γ) reaction, at CNA (Seville). We obtained 612 mb, in good agreement with the latest measurements

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