Transition probabilities between quasifree states


We obtain a general formula for the transition probabilities between any state of the algebra of the canonical commutation relations (CCR-algebra) and a squeezed quasifree state. Applications of this formula are made for the case of multimode thermal squeezed states of quantum optics using a general canonical decomposition of the correlation matrix valid for any quasifree state. In the particular case of a one mode CCR-algebra we show that the transition probability between two quasifree squeezed states is a decreasing function of the geodesic distance between the points of the upper half plane representing these states. In the special case of the purification map it is shown that the transition probability between the state of the enlarged system and the product state of real and fictitious subsystems can be a measure for the entanglement.Comment: 13 pages, REVTeX, no figure

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