Quantum chaos with spin-chains in pulsed magnetic fields


Recently it was found that the dynamics in a Heisenberg spin-chain subjected to a sequence of periodic pulses from an external, parabolic, magnetic field can have a close correspondence with the quantum kicked rotor (QKR). The QKR is a key paradigm of quantum chaos; it has as its classical limit the well-known Standard Map. It was found that a single spin excitation could be converted into a pair of non-dispersive, counter-propagating spin coherent states equivalent to the accelerator modes of the Standard Map. Here we consider how other types of quantum chaotic systems such as a double-kicked quantum rotor or a quantum rotor with a double-well potential might be realized with spin chains; we discuss the possibilities regarding manipulation of the one-magnon spin waves.Comment: 10 pages, 4 figures. Submitted to PTP special issue for QMC200

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