Quantum Error Correction of Time-Correlated Errors


The complexity of the error correction circuitry forces us to design quantum error correction codes capable of correcting a single error per error correction cycle. Yet, time-correlated error are common for physical implementations of quantum systems; an error corrected during the previous cycle may reoccur later due to physical processes specific for each physical implementation of the qubits. In this paper we study quantum error correction for a restricted class of time-correlated errors in a spin-boson model. The algorithm we propose allows the correction of two errors per error correction cycle, provided that one of them is time-correlated. The algorithm can be applied to any stabilizer code when the two logical qubits ∣0L>\mid 0_L> and ∣1L>\mid 1_L> are entangled states of 2n2^{n} basis states in H2n\mathcal{H}_{2^n}.Comment: 14 pages, 3 figure

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