Dissolution Enhancement of Domperidone Fast Disintegrating Tablet Using Modified Locust Bean Gum by Solid Dispersion Technique


Enhancement of dissolution characteristics of poorly soluble drug Domperidone by solid dispersion technique using modified locust bean gum (MLBG) and further conversion into tablet dosage form with fast dissolving characteristics is being explored in current study. Solid dispersions (SD) were prepared by solvent evaporation technique. F1, F3, F5 and F7 batches of SD (1:1, 1:3, 1:5 and 1:7 ratio of drug to MLBG) were prepared. Maximum solubility was observed in 1:3 ratio (F3 batch) in comparison to pure drug. Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy studies revealed no interaction of drug to polymer MLBG. Transition from crystalline to amorphous state of drug was analyzed by X-RD studies. SEM studies revealed change in surface characteristics of drug in solid dispersions. In vitro release studies revealed maximum dissolution in F3 (93% in 30 min). Further solid dispersion batches F3 was compressed into tablets including other excipients and crosspovidone as superdisintegrant. The in vitro release from tablet batch revealed better dissolution characteristics (95% in 30 min) in comparison to marketed tablet (50% in 60 min). Therefore, MLBG solid dispersion tablets of domperidone can be a convenient dosage form with enhanced dissolution characteristics

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