Interactions of charmed mesons with nucleons in the pˉd\bar p d reaction


We study the possibility to measure the elastic ΦN\Phi N (ΦJ/ψ,ψ(2S),ψ(3770),χ2c\Phi \equiv J/\psi, \psi(2S), \psi(3770),\chi_{2c}) scattering cross section in the reaction pˉ+dΦ+nsp\bar p{+}d{\to}\Phi{+}n_{sp} and the elastic D(Dˉ)ND(\bar D) N scattering cross section in the reaction pˉ+dDD0psp\bar p{+}d \to D^- D^0 p_{sp}. Our studies indicate that the elastic scattering cross sections can be determined for Φ\Phi momenta about 4-6 GeV/c and D/DˉD/ \bar D momenta 2 -- 5 GeV/c by selecting events with pt0.4p_t \geq 0.4 GeV/c for Φ\Phi's and pt(psp)p_t(p_{sp})\geq 0.5 GeV/c for D/DˉD/\bar D-meson production.Comment: 7 pages, including 9 postscript figure

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