Studying the ωN\omega N elastic and inelastic cross section with nucleons


We explore the possibility to measure the elastic and inelastic ωN\omega N cross section in p+dd+ω+pspp{+}d{\to}d{+}\omega{+}p_{sp} and p+Ap{+}A reactions. Our studies indicate that the elastic scattering cross sections can be determined for ω\omega momenta above 1 GeV/c in p+dp{+}d reactions by gating on high proton spectator momenta whereas the ωN\omega N absorption cross section down to low relative ω\omega momenta is most effectively studied in p+Ap{+}A reactions at beam energies 2.0--2.7 GeVComment: 7 pages, svjour-style, including 9 ps-figure

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