RDWIA analysis of 12C(e,e'p) for Q^2 < 2 (GeV/c)^2


We analyze data for 12C(e,e'p) with Q^2 < 2 (GeV/c)^2 using the relativistic distorted-wave impulse approximation (RDWIA) based upon Dirac-Hartree wave functions. The 1p normalization extracted from data for Q^2 > 0.6 (GeV/c)^2 is approximately 0.87, independent of Q^2, which is consistent with the predicted depletion by short-range correlations. The total 1p and 1s strength for E_m < 80 MeV approaches 100% of IPSM, consistent with a continuum contribution for 30 < E_m < 80 MeV of about 12% of IPSM. Similarly, a scale factor of 1.12 brings RDWIA calculations into good agreement with 12C(e,e'p) data for transparency. We also analyzed low Q^2 data from which a recent NDWIA analysis suggested that spectroscopic factors might depend strongly upon the resolution of the probe. We find that momentum distributions for their empirical Woods-Saxon wave functions fit to low Q^2 data for parallel kinematics are too narrow to reproduce data for quasiperpendicular kinematics, especially for larger Q^2, and are partly responsible for reducing fitted normalization factors.Comment: 19 pages, 14 figures, to be submitted to PR

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