Time-Dependent Response Calculations of Nuclear Resonances


A new alternate method for evaluating linear response theory is formally developed, and results are presented. This method involves the time-evolution of the system using TDHF and is constructed directly on top of a static Hartree-Fock calculation. By Fourier transforming the time-dependent result the response function and the total probability amplitude are extracted. This method allows for a coherent description of static properties of nuclei, such as binding energies and deformations, while also providing a method for calculating collective modes and reaction rates. A full 3-D Cartesian Basis-Spline collocation representation is used with several Skyrme interactions. Sample results are presented for the giant multipole resonances of 16O, 40Ca, and 32S and compared to other calculations.Comment: 8 pages, 7 figures, submitted to Phys. Rev.

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