J/ฯˆJ/\psi suppression in Pb+Pb collisions and pTp_T broadening


We have analysed the NA50 data, on the centrality dependence of pTp_T broadening of J/ฯˆJ/\psi's, in Pb+Pb collisions, at the CERN-SPS. The data were analysed in a QCD based model, where J/ฯˆJ/\psi's are suppressed in 'nuclear' medium. Without any free parameter, the model could explain the NA50 pTp_T broadening data. The data were also analysed in a QGP based threshold model, where J/ฯˆJ/\psi suppression is 100% above a critical density. The QGP based model could not explain the NA50 pTp_T broadening data. We have also predicted the centrality dependence of J/ฯˆJ/\psi suppression and pTp_T broadening at RHIC energy. Both the models, the QGP based threshold model and the QCD based nuclear absorption model, predict pTp_T broadening very close to each other.Comment: The paper was completely revised. The conclusion is also changed. 5 pages, 4 figure

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