Production of a0a_0-mesons in the reactions πNa0N\pi N \to a_0 N and ppda0+p p \to d a_0^+ at GeV energies


We investigate the reactions πNa0N\pi N \to a_0 N and ppda0+p p \to d a_0^+ near threshold and at medium energies. An effective Lagragian approach and the Regge pole model are applied to analyze different contributions to the cross section of the reaction πNa0N\pi N \to a_0 N. These results are used to calculate the differential and total cross sections of the reaction ppda0+p p \to d a_0^+ within the framework of the two-step model in which two nucleons produce an a0a_0-meson via π\pi -meson exchange and fuse to a deuteron. The necessity of new measurements on a0a_0 production and branching fractions (of its decay to the KKˉK\bar K and πη\pi\eta channels) is emphasized for clarifying the a0a_0 structure. Detailed predictions for the reaction ppda0+pp \to d a_0^+ are presented for the energy regime of the proton synchrotron COSY-J\"ulich.Comment: 9 pages, including 6 eps figure

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