Low-Q2Q^2 partons in p-p and Au-Au collisions


We describe correlations of low-Q2Q^2 parton fragments on transverse rapidity yty_t and angles (η,ϕ)(\eta,\phi) from p-p and Au-Au collisions at s=\sqrt{s} = 130 and 200 GeV. Evolution of correlations on yty_t from p-p to more-central Au-Au collisions shows evidence for parton dissipation. Cuts on yty_t isolate angular correlations on (η,ϕ)(\eta,\phi) for low-Q2Q^2 partons which reveal a large asymmetry about the jet thrust axis in p-p collisions favoring the azimuth direction. Evolution of angular correlations with increasing Au-Au centrality reveals a rotation of the asymmetry to favor pseudorapidity. Angular correlations of transverse momentum ptp_t in Au-Au collisions access temperature/velocity structure resulting from low-Q2Q^2 parton scattering. ptp_t autocorrelations on (η,ϕ)(\eta,\phi), obtained from the scale dependence of fluctuations, reveal a complex parton dissipation process in heavy ion collisions which includes the possibility of collective bulk-medium recoil in response to parton stopping.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures, XXXV International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics 2005, Krom\^{e}\^{r}\'{i}\^{z}, Czech Republic, August 9-15, 200

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