Deciphering the Climate Change Conundrum in Zimbabwe: An Exposition


The notion that climate change has created development opportunities largely remains poorly understood despite phenomenal evidence that points toward positive gains across the broad socio-economic spectrum. Current understanding has largely concentrated on the negative effects of climate change, with limited exposition on the benefits associated with climatic responses. This article collates and reviews evidence that interventions to curtail climate change impacts have unlocked several development opportunities and potentially contribute in improving the living standards of many communities in Zimbabwe. It argues that although climate change effects permeate all the socio-economic development sectors of the country, the collective interventions by government, development partners and individuals on mitigation and adaptation actions could lead to a development trajectory that is evident in a number of indicators toward poverty alleviation, particularly through improved food, energy, water, and health access. The article, however, questions the sustainability of these unfolding benefits and advises on the need to enhance mechanisms for climatic programming in the country’s development plans, policies and strategies

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