On Maritime Digitalization in Emerging Environments


The purpose of this chapter is to propose a conceptual framework for implementation of advance info-communication technology and systems (ICT&S) across maritime cluster in emerging environments, with emphasis on some South-East European countries and South Africa. Smart implementation and adoption of the ICT&S in shipping and port management have been considered due to the Holtham’s & Courtney\u27s model (2010). Furthermore, particular attention is given to Blockchain-based Maritime Supply Chain System (BMSCS) conceptual model, which includes distributed relational database, smart contracts, and crypto-currency payment mechanism as main constructs. The document workflow management, financial processes, and device connectivity are considered as key scenarios in the blockchain model. The stakeholders, who play the role of traditional intermediaries in the goods and accompanied documents and data flows, including overall supervision of the processes between end nodes, that is, shippers and customers, are encompassed within the BMSCS scheme. Some strengthens and frailty of BMSCS are highlighted, along with the suggestions for further investigation in this field, with the aim of better understanding prospective benefits and challenges of blockchain more extensive deployment across maritime sector in the future, with emphasize on developing environments

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