Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for the Maxwell-Schr"odinger System II. The general case


We study the theory of scattering for the Maxwell-Schr"odinger system in space dimension 3, in the Coulomb gauge. We prove the existence of modified wave operators for that system with no size restriction on the Schr"odinger and Maxwell asymptotic data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators. The method consists in partially solving the Maxwell equations for the potentials, substituting the result into the Schr"odinger equation, which then becomes both nonlinear and nonlocal in time. The Schr"odinger function is then parametrized in terms of an amplitude and a phase satisfying a suitable auxiliary system, and the Cauchy problem for that system, with prescribed asymptotic behaviour determined by the asymptotic data, is solved by an energy method, thereby leading to solutions of the original system with prescribed asymptotic behaviour in time. This paper is the generalization of a previous paper with the same title. However it is entirely selfcontained and can be read without any previous knowledge of the latter.Comment: latex 96 page

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