How to Use Haptic Technology in Interactive Digital Documentation of Heritage


Virtual restoration of the extinct heritage is a method of reconstruction of an already destroyed work in a virtual environment. It represents a way and an opportunity to reenter the remodeled simulated space interactively and experience its contemporary atmosphere and former author expression. In addition to visual and acoustic experiences, haptic technologies represent the potential for expanding sensory perception, which is not yet sufficiently used in the architectural sector. This study focuses on defunct and endangered works of interior architecture and industrial heritage, which were significant at the time of their inception and shaped the direction of the industry. Especially in the case of cultural and spiritual heritage, we focus on interiors, which, by their short-term nature, are neither objective nor physically documentable. Selected extinct works for which there was enough data or there was still the possibility of consultation with a living author were experimentally virtually reconstructed. Using haptic technologies, we have expanded the observer’s ability to interactively analyze space and its context through User Tracking of observers. The data obtained in this way continue to help the creators of the architecture set new starting points and limits for the current creation and design as well

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