Communication in Physical Sciences 5(1):42-45 Authors: Rabiu Nasir, Haruna Saeed Alhassan, Ahmed Abubakar &Yusuf Ibrahim  Received 14 March 2020/Accepted 02 April 2020 Identification of the constituents of Amaranthus spinosus was carried out using ethanol extract of the dried leaf of the plant. Microbial detection of zone of inhibition was also carried out. The extract yield from the leaves was 17.40 g while phytochemical screening indicated the presence of saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids and glycosides in the leaf extract. The antimicrobial assay indicated that methanolic extract of the plant were slightly active against the test isolates with the extract being more active against Staphylococcus aureus (15mm), Aspergillus flavus (15mm), E. coli. (13mm) and Mucor spp (10mm). Hence methanol extract of this plant has potent medical values. References Das, S. (2012). Systematics and taxonomic Delimitations of vegetable grain and weed amaranths: a morphological and bio-chemical approach. Genet Recourses Crop Evolution, 59, pp. 289-303. Hussain, Z., Amresh, G., Singh, S., & Rao, C. V. (2009). Anti-diarrhea and antiulcer activity of Amaranthus spinosus in experimental animals. Pharmaceutical Biology, 47, 10, pp. 932–939. Ishrat, J., B., Laizuman, N., Farhana, A. R. & Obaydul, H. (2011). Antibacterial cytotoxic an antioxidant Activity of chloroform, n-hexane and ethyl acetate extract of plant Amaranthus spinosus. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Technology, 3,3, pp. 1675-1680 Jamaluddin, A.T. M, Qais N., Ali, M. A., Howlader, M. A., Shams-Ud-Doha, K. M., & Sarker A.A. (2011). Analgesic activities of extracts of the whole plant of Amaranthus spinosus. Linn. International Journal of Drug Development and research, 3,4, pp. 189-193. Manik B., Ankur D., Subrata C., & Pranabesh C. (2011).Pharmacognostic studies on stem and leave of Amaranthus spinosus Linn. International Journal of Applied Biology and Pharmaceutical Technology, 2,1, pp.41-47.  Mitra, P. K. (2013). Comparative evaluation of anti gastric ulcer Activity of root, stem and leaves of Amaranthus spinosus Linn in rats. International Journal of Herbal medicine, 1, 2, pp. 1675-1680. Srivastava, S., Singh, P., Mishra, G., Jha, , K. K. & Khosa, R. .L. (2011). Costus Speciosus (Keukand): A review Der. Pharmacis Sinica, . 2, 1, pp. 118-128. Vadnere, G., Pathan A., Kulkarni B., & Abhay K. S. (2013). Abutilons indicum Linn: A Phytopharmacological review. International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistry, 3, 1, pp. 153-156

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