Generalized PSK in Space Time Coding


A wireless communication system using multiple antennas promises reliable transmission under Rayleigh flat fading assumptions. Design criteria and practical schemes have been presented for both coherent and non-coherent communication channels. In this paper we generalize one dimensional phase shift keying (PSK) signals and introduce space time constellations from generalized phase shift keying (GPSK) signals based on the complex and real orthogonal designs. The resulting space time constellations reallocate the energy for each transmitting antenna and feature good diversity products, consequently their performances are better than some of the existing comparable codes. Moreover since the maximum likelihood (ML) decoding of our proposed codes can be decomposed to one dimensional PSK signal demodulation, the ML decoding of our codes can be implemented in a very efficient way.Comment: 22 pages, 3 figures, submitted to IEEE transactions on communicaton

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