Glauber versus Kawasaki for spectral gap and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities of some unbounded conservative spin systems


Inspired by the recent results of C. Landim, G. Panizo and H.-T. Yau [LPY] on spectral gap and logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for unbounded conservative spin systems, we study uniform bounds in these inequalities for Glauber dynamics of Hamiltonian of the form V(x_1) + ... + V(x_n) + V(M-x_1 -...-x_n), (x_1,...,x_n) in R^n Specifically, we examine the case V is strictly convex (or small perturbation of strictly convex) and, following [LPY], the case V is a bounded perturbation of a quadratic potential. By a simple path counting argument for the standard random walk, uniform bounds for the Glauber dynamics yields, in a transparent way, the classical L^{-2} decay for the Kawasaki dynamics on d-dimensional cubes of length L. The arguments of proofs however closely follow and make heavy use of the conservative approach and estimates of [LPY], relying in particular on the Lu-Yau martingale decomposition and clever partitionings of the conditional measure.Comment: 20 pages. Accepted for publication in ``Markov Processes and Related Fields'

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