On Vafa's theorem for tensor categories


In this note we prove two main results. 1. In a rigid braided finite tensor category over C (not necessarily semisimple), some power of the Casimir element and some even power of the braiding is unipotent. 2. In a (semisimple) modular category, the twists are roots of unity dividing the algebraic integer D^{5/2}, where D is the global dimension of the category (the sum of squares of dimensions of simple objects). Both results generalize Vafa's theorem, saying that in a modular category twists are roots of unity, and square of the braiding has finite order. We also discuss the notion of the quasi-exponent of a finite rigid tensor category, which is motivated by results 1 and 2 and the paper math/0109196 of S.Gelaki and the author.Comment: 6 pages, late

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