Long Range Scattering and Modified Wave Operators for some Hartree Type Equations III. Gevrey spaces and low dimensions


We study the theory of scattering for a class of Hartree type equations with long range interactions in arbitrary space dimension n > or = 1, including the case of Hartree equations with time dependent potential V(t,x) = kappa t^(mu - gamma) |x|^{- mu} with 0 < gamma < or =1 and 0 < mu < n.This includes the case of potential V(x) = kappa |x|^(-gamma) and can be extended to the limiting case of nonlinear Schr"odinger equations with cubic nonlinearity kappa t^(n- gamma) u|u|^2.Using Gevrey spaces of asymptotic states and solutions,we prove the existence of modified local wave operators at infinity with no size restriction on the data and we determine the asymptotic behaviour in time of solutions in the range of the wave operators,thereby extending the results of previous papers (math.AP/9807031 and math.AP/9903073) which covered the range 0 < gamma < or = 1, but only 0 < mu < or = n-2, and were therefore restricted to space dimension n>2.Comment: TeX, 96 pages, available

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