On the universal Representation of the Scattering Matrix of Affine Toda Field Theory


By exploiting the properties of q-deformed Coxeter elements, the scattering matrices of affine Toda field theories with real coupling constant related to any dual pair of simple Lie algebras may be expressed in a completely generic way. We discuss the governing equations for the existence of bound states, i.e. the fusing rules, in terms of q-deformed Coxeter elements, twisted q-deformed Coxeter elements and undeformed Coxeter elements. We establish the precise relation between these different formulations and study their solutions. The generalized S-matrix bootstrap equations are shown to be equivalent to the fusing rules. The relation between different versions of fusing rules and quantum conserved quantities, which result as nullvectors of a doubly q-deformed Cartan like matrix, is presented. The properties of this matrix together with the so-called combined bootstrap equations are utilised in order to derive generic integral representations for the scattering matrix in terms of quantities of either of the two dual algebras. We present extensive case-by-case data, in particular on the orbits generated by the various Coxeter elements.Comment: 57 page

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