Non-singular Twisted S-branes From Rotating Branes


We show that rotating p-brane solutions admit an analytical continuation to become twisted Sp-branes. Although a rotating p-brane has a naked singularity for large angular momenta, the corresponding S-brane configuration is regular everywhere and exhibits a smooth bounce between two phases of Minkowski spacetime. If the foliating hyperbolic space of the transverse space is of even dimension, such as for the twisted SM5-brane, then for an appropriate choice of parameters the solution smoothly flows from a warped product of two-dimensional de Sitter spacetime, five-dimensional Euclidean space and a hyperbolic 4-space in the infinite past to Minkowski spacetime in the infinite future. We also show that non-singular S-Kerr solutions can arise from higher-dimensional Kerr black holes, so long as all (all but one) angular momenta are non-vanishing for even (odd) dimensions.Comment: Latex, 20 page

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