From p-branes to fluxbranes and back


In this note we study aspects of the interplay between fluxbranes and p-branes. We describe how a fluxbrane can be physically realized as a limit of a brane-antibrane configuration, in a manner similar to the way a uniform electric field appears in between the plates of a capacitor. We also study the evolution of a fluxbrane after nucleation of p-branes. We find that Kaluza-Klein fluxbranes do relax by forming brane-antibrane pairs or spherical branes, but we also find that for fluxtubes with dilaton coupling in a different range, the field strength does not relax, instead it becomes stronger after each nucleation bounce. We speculate on a possible runaway instability of such fluxtubes an an eventual breakdown of their classical description.Comment: 19 pages, harvmac(b), no figure

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