Crystallographic Orbifolds: Towards a Classification of Unitary Conformal Field Theories with Central Charge c = 2


We study the moduli space C^2 of unitary two-dimensional conformal field theories with central charge c=2. We construct all the 28 nonexceptional nonisolated irreducible components of C^2 that may be obtained by an orbifold procedure from toroidal theories. The parameter spaces and partition functions are calculated explicitly, and all multicritical points and lines are determined. We show that all but four of the 28 irreducible components of C^2 corresponding to nonexceptional orbifolds are directly or indirectly connected to the moduli space of toroidal theories in C^2. We relate our results to those by Dixon, Ginsparg, Harvey on the classification of c=3/2 superconformal field theories and thereby give geometric interpretations to all nonisolated orbifolds discussed there.Comment: 47 pages, spelling mistakes corrected; final version for JHE

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