A full Next to Leading Order study of direct photon pair production in hadronic collisions


We discuss the production of photon pairs in hadronic collisions, from fixed target to LHC energies. The study which follows is based on a QCD calculation at full next-to-leading order accuracy, including single and double fragmentation contributions, and implemented in the form of a general purpose computer program of "partonic event generator" type. To illustrate the possibilities of this code, we present the comparison with observables measured by the WA70 and D0 collaborations, and some predictions for the irreducible background to the search of Higgs bosons at LHC in the channel hγγh \to \gamma \gamma. We also discuss theoretical scale uncertainties for these predictions, and examine several infrared sensitive situations which deserve further study.Comment: 45 pages Latex, 16 eps files plus some metafont files; replaced by the version to appear in Eur. Phys. J.

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