Duality and Chiral Restoration from Dilepton Production in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions


We discuss the recent status in the theoretical understanding of dilepton production in central heavy-ion reactions with the Pb-beam at the full CERN-SpS energy of 158 AGeV. In the low-mass region (MM\le~1 GeV) a strong broadening of the vector meson resonances in hot and dense matter (especially for the ρ\rho meson) entails thermal dilepton rates very reminiscent to perturbative qqˉq\bar q annihilation close to the expected phase boundary of the chiral symmetry restoring transition. A consistent description of the experimentally observed enhancement at both low and intermediate masses (1.5 GeV~M\le M \le~3 GeV) in terms of thermal radiation from an expanding fireball can be obtained.Comment: Talk given at ISMD '99 on 'QCD & Multiparticle Production' (Brown University, Providence, Aug. 9-13), 7 pages LaTeX including 6 ps-/eps-figures and

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