Charmonium suppression by gluon bremsstrahlung in p-A and A-B collisions


Prompt gluons are an additional source for charmonium suppression in nuclear collisions, in particular for nucleus-nucleus collisions. These gluons are radiated as bremsstrahlung in N-N collisions and interact inelastically with the charmonium states while the nuclei still overlap. The spectra and mean number of the prompt gluons are calculated perturbatively and the gluon-Psi inelastic cross section is estimated. The integrated cross sections for AB --> J/Psi (Psi')X for p-A and A-B collisions and the dependence on transverse energy for S-U and Pb-Pb can be described quantitatively with some adjustment of one parameter \sigma(gPsi).Comment: 17 pages of Latex including 10 figure

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