Radiation Zeros in W^+W^-\gamma Production at High-Energy Colliders


The vanishing of the cross section for particular points in phase space - radiation zeros - is examined for the process qqΛ‰β†’W+Wβˆ’Ξ³ q \bar q \to W^+W^- \gamma at high energy. Unlike the process qqΛ‰β€²β†’WΒ±Ξ³q \bar q' \to W^\pm \gamma, actual zeros only occur in the soft-photon limit. However, for photon energies that are not too large, the cross section does exhibit deep dips in regions of phase space corresponding to the position of the actual zeros. We show that in these regions the sensitivity to possible anomalous quartic couplings is very large.Comment: 19 pages, 7 figures, LaTe

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