SUSY-QCD corrections in the squark-gluino sector


A status report is given of the calculations of next-to-leading-order (N=1N=1) supersymmetric QCD corrections to the production of squarks and gluinos in ppˉ/ppp\bar{p}/pp collisions. The implementation of these SUSY-QCD corrections leads to more stable theoretical predictions and to a substantial increase of the production cross-sections. In addition we give a discussion of the use of the MS\overline{MS} scheme for renormalizing the coupling constants in the QCD sector of (N=1N=1) supersymmetric theories.Comment: 6 two-column pages, tar'ed gzip'ed uuencoded files, LaTeX, 7 Encapsulated Postscript figures, uses epsfig and espcrc2. To appear in the proceedings of the 1996 Zeuthen Workshop on Elementary Particle Theory: "QCD and QED in Higher Orders", J.Bl\"umlein, F.Jegerlehner, and T.Riemann eds. Complete postscript file available at

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