The Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions


What follows is an updated version of the lectures given at the CERN Academic Training (November 1993) and at the Jaca Winter Meeting (February 1994). The aim is to provide a pedagogical introduction to the Standard Model of electroweak interactions. After briefly reviewing the empirical considerations which lead to the construction of the Standard Model Lagrangian, the particle content, structure and symmetries of the theory are discussed. Special emphasis is given to the many phenomenological tests (universality, flavour-changing neutral currents, precision measurements, quark mixing, etc.) which have established this theoretical framework as the Standard Theory of electroweak interactions.Comment: 40 pages, LaTeX (uses cite, epsf), 6 figures (included in a separate uu file). Lectures at the XXII Int. Winter Meeting (Jaca, February, 1994) and at the CERN Academic Training (Geneva, November, 1993

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