Finding the Leptonic WWWW Decay Mode of a Heavy Higgs Boson


We reanalyze the extraction of the heavy Higgs boson signal HW+Wˉν,νˉH\rightarrow W^+W^-\rightarrow \bar\ell\nu,\ell\bar\nu (=e or μ)(\ell=e\hbox{ or }\mu) from the Standard Model background at hadron supercolliders, taking into account revised estimates of the top quark background. With new acceptance criteria the detection of the signal remains viable. Requiring a forward jet-tag, a central jet-veto, and a large relative transverse momentum of the two charged leptons yields S/B>6S/\sqrt B>6 for one year of running at the SSC or LHC.Comment: LaTex(Revtex), 9 pages, 6 figures (available upon request), MAD/PH/75

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