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Access to raw data


API's screenshot

A unique and free API providing real-time machine access to metadata and full texts of research papers in CORE. One API for accessing data across all data providers. Perfect for developing and running innovative applications that need global access to research papers.


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Download all of CORE data and run processes in your own infrastructure. One data set with a harmonised format for accessing data across all of our data providers. Perfect for prototyping new methods, data analysis and text mining.


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Keep an always up to date copy of all CORE data in your infrastructure. FastSync is our premium service offering fast enterprise incremental access to CORE for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Ideal for all types of businesses, from start-ups to large enterprises.

Content discovery


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The recommender is a plugin for repositories, journal systems and web interfaces to suggest similar articles. Its purpose is to support users in discovering articles of interest from across the network of open access repositories.


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CORE Discovery is our new service that assists users in finding freely accessible copies of research papers that are behind a paywall. It currently provides access to millions of full text open access papers from within CORE and other data providers.

Managing content

Repository Dashboard

Repository Dashboard's screenshot

The Repository Dashboard is a free service for our data providers. It provides an online interface offering valuable technical information and statistics to content providers. It is the tool you need to check that your repository is configured correctly to provide maximum visibility to your research outputs.