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    Building History: Public History Students make Community History More Accessible through Building History Projects

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    Historic buildings shaped, witnessed, bear evidence of, and can serve asaccessible gateways to the history of a community. They also cancontribute the development of a community’s identity. The case for thevalue of aging structures and the task of arguing for their preservationmay fall upon the shoulders of underfunded and under resourced localhistorical societies. Public history students and local historicalsocieties benefit from collaborative service-learning experiences wherestudents help the historical society document local history and buildtheir work place skills. Students also gain an awareness of theimportance of the work historical societies do and the needs of thecommunities that they serve. This presentation will discuss the learningexperiences of students in an undergraduate public history class whoworked with a local historical society to document and share the storiesof historic structures that are located the town’s historic main street.It will describe the evolution of this collaborative activity, describeproject stages, assignment topics, means of coordination betweenacademic librarian, public history professor, students, and historicalsociety, the benefits for all involved, the outcomes of the project, andnext steps that are envisioned. It will invite discussion of similarexperiences or suggestions of how the collaboration, which is expectedto be repeated, might be improved

    啟發另類思維 嶺南大學推服務研習課程

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    Service-Learning Times : semester 2, 2018/19

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    To foster multi-disciplinary learning experience, the three faculties, the Science Unit and Office of Service-Learning offer you plenty of choices and flexibility in S-L projects. Moreover, we also provide trans-border S-L and research opportunities, enabling you to examine challenging issues at both the local and international levels. A number of S-L projects are also available in cluster courses, free elective courses, and major courses. In short, you have a wealth of opportunities to apply your course knowledge while contributing to the local and the international communities. This booklet highlights the courses with S-L elements in this semester. If you want to choose what kind of S-L adventure you want to go on, you should plan and act quickly while places are available.https://commons.ln.edu.hk/sl_times/1003/thumbnail.jp

    Service-Learning Times : semester 2 & summer term, 2017/18

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    Service-Learning (S-L) is an experiential learning approach that empowers students to apply academic knowledge in meaningful community service with reflection. In particular, the Service-Learning and Research Scheme (SLRS) seeks to build research elements into the S-L opportunities, which provide students with diverse and insightful service experiences to enhance their personal growth, intellectual advancement and career readiness while bringing substantial benefits to the collaborating partners. This booklet highlights popular S-L courses. Students wishing to experience the best of S-L should plan ahead and act quickly while places are available.https://commons.ln.edu.hk/sl_times/1001/thumbnail.jp

    Service-Learning Times : semester 1, 2018/19

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    Service-Learning (S-L) is a pedagogy that drives learning, innovation, contribution and transformation. It provides experiential learning opportunities for students by connecting academic knowledge to impactful community service with ongoing reflection during the process. The diverse and insightful S-L experience enables students to discover their potential, address the challenges faced by the community, as well as transform beneficiaries’ lives by providing support to collaborating partners. This booklet highlights the courses with S-L elements offered this semester. Students wishing to experience the best of S-L should plan and act quickly while places are available.https://commons.ln.edu.hk/sl_times/1002/thumbnail.jp

    Incubating service leaders at Lingnan University

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    原載於2017年3月27日《The Standard》。(只有英文) Originally published in The Standard 27th March 2017. (English only)https://commons.ln.edu.hk/osl_press/1026/thumbnail.jp

    服務研習通訊第二十二期 Office of Service-Learning Newsletters, Volume 22

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    嶺南大學服務研習處一直努力通過與學系及社區夥伴的緊密合作,為學生提供平台實踐所學,並以專業知識回應社會不同議題。服務研習做就個人成長,促進社會和諧進步。它既帶給同學們及社會正能量,也構成我們堅守使命的動力! 2017 年,是嶺南大學推行服務研習的第十一個年頭。今期【嶺召】為大家帶來六個故事,透過八位學生及畢業生在服務研習經歷中的點滴和感想,我們盼望能與您一起見證服務研習為他們帶來的成長歷程。我們亦想將這份盼望延續,願服務研習能伴您同行,編寫出另一個屬於您的成長故事! The Office of Service-Learning at Lingnan University works closely with academic departments and community partners in order to provide a platform for students to apply and utilize their professional knowledge in response to various social issues. Service-Learning enhances personal development and facilitates harmony and improvement in society. It fosters positive energy in students and the community, while acting as the driving force of our mission! 2017 is the eleventh year since the launch of Service-Learning at Lingnan. In this issue of “SLANT,” we’ve included six stories about eight students’ and graduates’ Service-Learning experiences. We’d like for you to witness the growth they experience during their Service-Learning journeys through their stories. We also hope that these stories inspire you to have your own Service- Learning experiences!https://commons.ln.edu.hk/osl_newsletters/1027/thumbnail.jp

    Lingnan University grooms social innovators

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    原載於2017年6月21日《The Standard》。(只有英文) Originally published in The Standard 21st June 2017. (English only)https://commons.ln.edu.hk/osl_press/1028/thumbnail.jp

    Faculty newsletter (Vol. 4, Iss. 1)

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    Service-Learning Times : programme booklet 2017/18 semester 1

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    Service-Learning (S-L) integrates academic study with meaningful community service to create opportunities for students and staff to make positive impact locally, regionally, and globally. In line with Lingnan’s motto “Education for Service”, Service-Learning and Research Scheme (SLRS) aims to provide opportunities where students can apply subject-specific knowledge to the real world, while collaboration partners can benefit from the knowledge and innovation that faculty and students bring to these projects. Innovation and entrepreneurship are central to SLRS as it is a priority for liberal arts students to understand and engage with the impact of technology on the humanities, and vice versa. Innovation and entrepreneurship can give new impetus to community service and capacity building, and through this, the making of global citizenship for the 21st Century. All 4-year curriculum undergraduate students starting from the 2016- 17 academic year must satisfactorily complete at least one S-L course to meet graduation requirement. This booklet highlights popular courses with S-L components. Students wishing to experience the best of S-L should plan early and act quick while places are available.https://commons.ln.edu.hk/sl_times/1000/thumbnail.jp