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    Panaliten menika gadhah ancas kangge ngandharaken analisis semiotik cakepan tembang dolanan wonten ing DVD Kumpulan Lagu Anak Nusantara.Metode panaliten menika ngginakaken metode panaliten deskriptif.Panaliten menika ngandharaken unsur semiotik saha fungsi unsur semiotik cakepan tembang dolanan ing DVD Kumpulan Lagu Anak Nusantara.Data awujud pamaosing teks kanthi caraheuristik,hermenutik, unsur saha fungsi semiotik. Metode analisis semiotik, teknik nyemak saha nyatet kangge ngempalaken data. Data dipun-alaisis ngginakaken teknikanalisis semiotik Charles Sanders Pierce lajengdipunandharaken kanthi deskriptif. Kangge ngabsahaken data, dipunginakaken validitas saha reliabilitas.Asiling panaliten menika ngandharaken pamaosing teks kanthi caraheuristik saha hermeneutik, unsur semiotik saha fungsi unsur semiotik. Wujudipun saking pamaosing teks awujud heuristiksaha hermeneutsik. Unsur semiotik dipunperang dados tiga, inggih menika ikon, indeks, saha simbol. Fungsi unsur semiotik tembang dolanan ing panaliten menikadipunginakaken kangge nedahaken panandha saha petandha ingkang sami, sabab kadadosan, saha gayutan ingkang asipat arbitrer utawi boten alam


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    There exist in Ghana about two hundred and fifty local dialects with the official language as English. The use of these languages is mostly dependent on the indigenous people, their place of birth and or abode, association and tribe. Notwithstanding, the ten regions of Ghana alongside with its two hundred and seventy districts has got vase difference in the way of life of the people who dwell in respective regions and districts. This variance is in relation with the line of inheritance, socio-politics, language, clothing, dancing, singing, celebration of festivals, naming, puberty, marriage, funeral ceremonies and even the food they eat. This presentation will therefore to a large extent digest into details the aforementioned phenomenon to bring forth better understanding of the Ghanaian way of life and language via Power Point slides


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    Since 1980s, the marriage pattern in Taiwan has had a huge change for a large number of female immigrants both from Southeast Asia and Mainland China started to immigrate to Taiwan. It is called “Marriage Migration.” Researches concerning female immigrant spouses’ homeland cultures and familial identities were seldom discussed; however, it is till recent years that the stories of those female immigrants were fully presented/ represented by means of various narratives. For instance, many films, photos, and the contexts exquisitely depict conflicts between female immigrants and their cross-cultural marriages, families, children and even their families of origin. There are three kinds of narratives in immigrants’ writing: oral/confessional narrative, textual narrative, and documentary films. The first is based on female immigrants’ description orally with their own languages and then being translated into Chinese, or they write with simple Chinese. For example, the Taiwanese female artist, Lulu Shur-tzy Hou, played as a medium in depicting seven female immigrant spouses by means of the firstperson monologue in her three episodes Look Toward the Other Side: Song of Asian Foreign Brides in Taiwan (2005-2009). These episodes probed into the question of spouses’ self-identity whilst living in an exotic place. Then, the Textual narrative tends to focus on the mother-daughter relationships and Pepe Wu’s three short stories in Moving Skirts will be discussed. It usually illustrates the mother figures with madness, aphasia, or also absence from home. All mothers are silent without voices. Finally, in the documentary films, Out/Marriage and Let’s not be Afraid display that women not only play as mothers, wives, daughter-in-laws, but as a defenders to protect their rights. This research will explore the following issues in female immigrants from Southeast Asia in Taiwan: (1) cultural and National identities; (2) motherhood and the mother-daughter relationships; (3) narrative writing. It will definitely provide a new perspective in Asian ethic and women’s writing and set up a landmark toward research possibilities of diasporic females studied by the approaches of displacement


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    The role of Javanese language is now gradually replaced by Indonesian or even English language as a result of a process called language shift. While Javanese language is offered in Central Java schools as local subject, the policy is insufficient to increase the popularity of Javanese language especially among young users. The unpopularity of Javanese language poses a threat because the less popular a language becomes among its users, the more susceptible it is to become extinct since at any time the users may cease to use the language and to pass it to the next generation. This paper shows a study of place names in the City of Semarang and its importance to Javanese language. Place names in the City of Semarang which are often written in local language provide a means to vitalize Javanese language as they inform people of the past inhabitants, their culture, their way of life, and their unique cultural wisdoms. Knowing the meaning and origin of place names in the City of Semarang either through its history or legend attached to it helps to instil the language used for the names as it creates bond between the people and the place they live in


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    Published EFL coursebooks are normally written by experienced and well- qualified peopleand the material contained in them is usually carrefully tested in pillot studies in actualteaching situations before publication. Todays, many EFL coursebooks in the market are written by novice Authors and unreputable publishers. If the coursebooks are not carefullyselected by EFL teachers, they will become good servants but poor masters in EFLclassroom. This study aimes at describing language form and language use used in an EFL textbook” Entittled” When English Rings the Bell” based on based on Cunningsworth (1984) clasification. This Study is a descriptive study. The source of data were two intialcahpters taken from the EFL textbook entitled: When English Rings the Bell” published in 2015. The result of the study shows that there 4 kinds of the language forms presented inthe book. They are: 1). Phonology: the producton of individual sounds, stress, rhytm andintonation. 2) Grammar: Morphology and Syntax; 3) Vocabulary (Lexis); and 4)Discourse: sequence of sentences. It is concluded that the Outhor of the EFL text bookpresented language form of Englis as suggested by Cuningsworth. Therofore, it could be said that, the book could be used as a source of study
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