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    DWELLINGS, 2012 Edition, published by the International Code Council, when used i

    Smith, Reggie, Collection

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    The papers in this collection are old research files of Reggie Smith. Margaret Grandle, who was a charter member of the General Russel Post No. 144, Grand Army of the Republic, is the subject of the main file. The collection consists of clippings, biographical information, correspondences, programs, documents, and publications.https://digitalcommons.pittstate.edu/fa/1099/thumbnail.jp

    UMaine Education Programs Earn Continuing Accreditation

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    The University of Maine\u27s professional teacher programs have received full, five-year continuing approval from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the State Board of Education. The unconditional reaccreditation of the College of Education and Human Development\u27s undergraduate and graduate programs documents that it is meeting the highest standards ensuring that subject matter content and how to teach it is a priority

    NASTRAN distribution through COSMIC

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    The NASTRAN program package is one of the most important in terms of size and use in the COSMIC inventory at the University of Georgia. A brief history of the COSMIC facility as it relates to the NASTRAN program package is presented, followed by a discussion of the NASTRAN disseminations. COSMIC, which is the acronym for the Computer Software Management and Information Center, is operated by the University of Georgia's Computer Center under contract to NASA. The purpose of COSMIC is to make available to the public the computer software and documentation developed as part of the NASA program. It is, perhaps, best described as a clearinghouse for the NASA-sponsored computer software, although the functions specified under the contract go much further than simply duplicating the programs and documentation for distribution. A sizeable portion of the workscope involves screening the programs to insure that they are free of syntax errors, that all necessary subroutines are present, and that the documentation includes sufficiently detailed instructions to allow purchasers to install and operate the program or system

    Russian gas games or well-oiled conflict? Energy security and the 2014 Ukraine crisis

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    This essay explores the link between energy security and the 2014 Ukraine crisis. Whenever there is an international conflict involving a major oil or gas producer, commentators are often quick to assume a direct link, and the Ukraine crisis was no exception. Yet, the various avenues through which energy politics have affected the Ukraine crisis, and vice versa, are not well understood. This paper seeks to shed light on the issue by addressing two specific questions. First, how exactly did energy contribute to the crisis in the region? Second, can energy be wielded as a ‘weapon’ by Russia, the EU, or the US? We find that Russian gas pricing played a crucial role as a context factor in igniting the Ukrainian crisis, yet at the same time we guard against ‘energy reductionism’, that is, the fallacy of attributing all events to energy-related issues. We also note that there are strict limits to the so-called energy weapon, whoever employs it. In the conclusion we provide a discussion of the policy implications of these findings

    The Minimum Wage and Health: A Bay Area Analysis

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    This demonstrates that a Bay Area-wide minimum wage increase would benefit the health and well-being of nearly 1 million low-wage earners. A large body of research literature on wage, income, and health demonstrates that public policy interventions that aim to increase the incomes of low-income populations will increase income equality and economic security as well as lower mortality rates, improve overall health status in the population, decrease health inequity, and lower overall healthcare costs

    Whitehead, Bryan, Collection, 1948-2005

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    A collection of programs, documents, brochures, maps, and postcards relating to railroads, music, and Bryan K. Whitehead’s travels. Bryan K. Whitehead (1925-2008) was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma to Joseph and Mary Miller Whitehead. He and his family moved to Pratt, Kansas in 1936 where he attended school until his high school graduation in 1942. Before attending Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Bryan worked as a Rock Island Railroad clerk. Bryan and Mary Hertlein were married in 1943. He served as a musician in the Army Air Corps during World War II, becoming an active musician among the community upon his return. Bryan performed in choral productions, in the Presbyterian Church, and in the Independence Symphony. He returned to working at the railroad until his retirement in 1985. After that, Bryan and Mary traveled the United States and abroad. Their travels followed symphonies and operas, trains, and other sights and events.https://digitalcommons.pittstate.edu/fa/1309/thumbnail.jp
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