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    Long-Range Dependence in Daily Interest Rate

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    We employ a number of parametric and non-parametric techniques to establish the existence of long-range dependence in daily interbank o er rates for four countries. We test for long memory using classical R=S analysis, variance-time plots and Lo's (1991) modi ed R=S statistic. In addition we estimate the fractional di erencing parameter using Whittle's (1951) maximum likelihood estimator and we shu e the data to destroy long and short memory in turn, and we repeat our non-parametric tests. From our non-parametric tests we And strong evidence of the presence of long memory in all four series independently of the chosen statistic. We nd evidence that supports the assertion of Willinger et al (1999) that Lo's statistic is biased towards non-rejection of the null hypothesis of no long-range dependence. The parametric estimation concurs with these results. Our results suggest that conventional tests for capital market integration and other similar hypotheses involving nominal interest rates should be treated with cautio

    Detecting long-range dependence in non-stationary time series

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    An important problem in time series analysis is the discrimination between non-stationarity and longrange dependence. Most of the literature considers the problem of testing specific parametric hypotheses of non-stationarity (such as a change in the mean) against long-range dependent stationary alternatives. In this paper we suggest a simple approach, which can be used to test the null-hypothesis of a general non-stationary short-memory against the alternative of a non-stationary long-memory process. The test procedure works in the spectral domain and uses a sequence of approximating tvFARIMA models to estimate the time varying long-range dependence parameter. We prove uniform consistency of this estimate and asymptotic normality of an averaged version. These results yield a simple test (based on the quantiles of the standard normal distribution), and it is demonstrated in a simulation study that - despite of its semi-parametric nature - the new test outperforms the currently available methods, which are constructed to discriminate between specific parametric hypotheses of non-stationarity short- and stationarity long-range dependence.Comment: Keywords and phrases: spectral density, long-memory, non-stationary processes, goodness-of-fit tests, empirical spectral measure, integrated periodogram, locally stationary process, approximating model

    Asymptotic optimal designs under long-range dependence error structure

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    We discuss the optimal design problem in regression models with long-range dependence error structure. Asymptotic optimal designs are derived and it is demonstrated that these designs depend only indirectly on the correlation function. Several examples are investigated to illustrate the theory. Finally, the optimal designs are compared with asymptotic optimal designs which were derived by Bickel and Herzberg [Ann. Statist. 7 (1979) 77--95] for regression models with short-range dependent error.Comment: Published in at http://dx.doi.org/10.3150/09-BEJ185 the Bernoulli (http://isi.cbs.nl/bernoulli/) by the International Statistical Institute/Bernoulli Society (http://isi.cbs.nl/BS/bshome.htm