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    Nameless in Cyberspace: Anonymity on the Internet

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    Proposals to limit anonymous communications on the Internet would violate free speech rights long recognized by the Supreme Court. Anonymous and pseudonymous speech played a vital role in the founding of this country. Thomas Paine's Common Sense was first released signed, "An Englishman." Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison, Samuel Adams, and others carried out the debate between Federalists and Anti-Federalists using pseudonyms. Today, human rights workers in China and many other countries have reforged the link between anonymity and free speech. Given the importance of anonymity as a component of free speech, the cost of banning anonymous Internet speech would be enormous. It makes no sense to treat Internet speech differently from printed leaflets or books

    Integrated quality and enhancement review : summative review : Wigan and Leigh College

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    The promotion strategies of disbudpar Surakarta in developing the tourism in Surakarta

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    This final project report is written based on the job training which was been done at DISBUDPAR Surakarta. The objectives of this report are to describes the promotion strategies of DISBUDPAR Surakarta, to find out the problems faced by DISBUDPAR Surakarta and the solutions to the problems faced by DISBUDPAR Surakarta in developing tourism in Surakarta. The data of this report are taken from observation and library study by collecting information from books, document, interview and other reliable literatures. Based on the observation conducted, conclusion can be drawn that DISBUDPAR did various promotion activities which are done continuously and organized. Promotion is done in order to create awareness among public about tourist attraction and also improve the tourist visit at Surakarta. There are several promotion activities done by DISBUDPAR, opening TIC, promoting tourism attraction, holding events and participating in national and international events, carrying out annual putra-putri Solo, and making coordination with other entertainment places. In relation to developing surakarta tourism, DISBUDPAR faced several problems. There are problem related to budget, bureaucracy and human resources. Therefore, the implementation of promotion activities by DISBUDPAR that were supported by proper budget, simple procedural administration system and reorganizing the schedule of DISBUDPAR officer is needed to develop surakarta tourism

    Written information about individual medicines for consumers.

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    Medicines are the most common intervention in most health services. As with all treatments, those taking medicines need sufficient information: to enable them to take and use the medicines effectively, to understand the potential harms and benefits, and to allow them to make an informed decision about taking them. Written medicines information, such as a leaflet or provided via the Internet, is an intervention that may meet these purposes

    Clean Clothes national campaigns and projects: June to October 2005

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    A compilation of country reports on the activities of the various European Clean Clothes Campaigns from June to October 2005

    'Against the World': Michael Field, female marriage and the aura of amateurism'

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    This article considers the case of Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper, an aunt and niece who lived and wrote together as ‘Michael Field’ in the fin-de-siècle Aesthetic movement. Bradley’s bold statement that she and Cooper were ‘closer married’ than the Brownings forms the basis for a discussion of their partnership in terms of a ‘female marriage’, a union that is reflected, as I will argue, in the pages of their writings. However, Michael Field’s exclusively collaborative output, though extensive, was no guarantee for success. On the contrary, their case illustrates the notion, valid for most products of co-authorship, that the jointly written work is always surrounded by an aura of amateurism. Since collaboration defied the ingrained notion of the author as the solitary producer of his or her work, critics and readers have time and again attempted to ‘parse’ the collaboration by dissecting the co-authored work into its constituent halves, a treatment that the Fields too failed to escape

    The Reliability of Card Checks in Establishing Collective Bargaining Representative Status

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    Structured Light-Based 3D Reconstruction System for Plants.

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    Camera-based 3D reconstruction of physical objects is one of the most popular computer vision trends in recent years. Many systems have been built to model different real-world subjects, but there is lack of a completely robust system for plants. This paper presents a full 3D reconstruction system that incorporates both hardware structures (including the proposed structured light system to enhance textures on object surfaces) and software algorithms (including the proposed 3D point cloud registration and plant feature measurement). This paper demonstrates the ability to produce 3D models of whole plants created from multiple pairs of stereo images taken at different viewing angles, without the need to destructively cut away any parts of a plant. The ability to accurately predict phenotyping features, such as the number of leaves, plant height, leaf size and internode distances, is also demonstrated. Experimental results show that, for plants having a range of leaf sizes and a distance between leaves appropriate for the hardware design, the algorithms successfully predict phenotyping features in the target crops, with a recall of 0.97 and a precision of 0.89 for leaf detection and less than a 13-mm error for plant size, leaf size and internode distance